Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It Works So Well

Since I moved to the blogger platform, I've been on a little hiatus. Also helping out with that was a massive house clean prior to our oldest son having a sleepover that the boy's helped out with. In the following days I announced "I quit" with house chores and fully relinquished the responsibility of keeping up after their minute messes to them before any right to play. So far it's worked out.

Now to still take care of myself. The whole before and after photo thing is just SO motivating, that I have to come back to it. I try without it, and get side-tracked almost instantly wondering what the heck I was doing. So for today, it was my desk. The best thing about having fully de-cluttered it already was it took less than five minutes to get it from before to after. The other great thing about before and after photos is I pay attention to little things I wouldn't normally pay attention to, but rather call it good enough - like extra wires hanging out of the USB, paper I rarely print with hanging out at the printer (it fits conveniently out of sight in the top copier portion of the printer), and telephone charger cords slipping out of the desk). There was a ton of trash, per the usual. I was going to post a photo, but then realized it had too many personal items in it.

 Before my desk was clean
After my desk was clean!

And, yes, I did change the website to a site that I came across while clearing magazines off the desk, as I had purposefully put one of the magazines there to remember to check out this website. Success!
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