Saturday, February 5, 2011

Corner of Our Room

Cheers to my second decluttering achievement! The corner of our room. It's been a nightmare for ages with confiscated airsoft guns from the boys and an aimless box of files dumped for safekeeping. Though it is now decluttered,


and been thoroughly observed by our little one's dog

the decorating part is still atrocious with scattered vintage candlesticks, a gifted jewelry box from Ireland, and a statue of a couple that's supposed to represent Brandon and I. Thrown in with a tiny lamp, alarm clock, almost gone candle, and a mess of cords.That pretty much just told me what I need to get rid of. Unfortunately, it looks lonely, sad, and colorless without those items so there they stay until I decorate. Regardless, the end result isn't too shabby.

This armoire has become a family heirloom at this point. I remember seeing it in Brandon's room when I first met him, covered with trinkets I had given him, cards, and cans of Coke. I remember going through it sneakily looking for evidence of old girlfriends (yes, I was that girlfriend - don't tell me you weren't) and being shocked when I did. Duh. Fortunately, he married me. I would LOVE to give it a makeover with a coat of paint and glass knobs, similar to this, without the sink of course.

My only hangup is I'm a little timid as to covering wood with paint. Yes, I could always paint it a different color, but I could never quite get it back to solid wood. What if wood came back in style, or I happened to like it again?! Along with that, once I take the plunge, I will have to paint our wood headboards and nightstand and leave our chest as the one lonely wood piece in the bedroom - no way I'm painting that gorgeous thing. Ah, I will just have to get over my trepidation and start with this piece, because it will make a world of difference. Here is a little inspiration for what the piece would end up like, decorating, paint, and all:

In the midst of creating this mood board, I realized what a brilliant idea painting the armoire a bright color would be. I love this stormy looking teal. With a few mirrors propped up on it and that gorgeous light from Target hanging overhead, the corner would pop and the simplicity would make it blend perfectly. Also, while creating this mood board, I discovered this pillow in which I am absolutely in love with the color scheme. May have to lean my bedroom towards those colors solely for the sake of that pillow and my armoire being that color.

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