Sunday, February 6, 2011

A quiet weekend...

... with one kiddo sick, some classic rock and enjoying the cool blue sky and wonderful breeze with just the tinge of chill in it. I just wanted to take some time to post SOMETHING on our new joint blog. It actually really neat to know that Rose can be sitting next to me working on the 'same' project but doing something completely different. At the moment she is at creating another mood board and i must say it is looking wonderful. If only we had the cash flow to allow her to really do even a small portion of that to our home.
Anyway. That is a decent segue in to what I thought I would discuss as my first post. Actually its what got me to thinking Rose and I should create a blog in the first place. I wanted to start with the blog because if we are going to attempt this other venture, we ought to be able to write a few posts on-line together first right? Even choosing the blogging platform was a challenge... how on earth are we going to figure out how to start the blog... post and then ADD our other big adventure we both want to make successful? Well... here we are, blogging, next to each other. Her about her inspiration to "organizing, declutter, & decorate". Me about really, what ever is on my mind. The point for me is that is about what we are up to.

... on to what we are up to, besides this blog.

The big adventure we want to be successful... Starting a business of course. For years I have been dabbling in photography. It is definitely something I have a passion for. I'll discuss that here later because for now I really want to talk about our business opportunity. Its nothing new. Its been around for ever. Its also extremely profitable if you have the right system.

Last December when we went to California for Christmas Vacation Rose's dad picked us up from the airport as they normally do. Once everyone was in the car, we promptly headed to In-N-Out Burger, our regular welcome home ceremony. While on the way there, Pops and I began our usual "how is business"conversation. After he gave me an update on a few of the changes to the insurance business, I told him about some of the goals Rose and I have for the future. I discussed what we thought it would take to be successful in photography.

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