Friday, February 4, 2011

Trying this out

Hi there,

Brandon and I have agreed to try this blogging thing out. Only, we can't agree what to post on. So we've decided he'll post what he wants to post on - living life, and I'll post what I want to post on - organizing, decluttering, & decorating the house. Secretly, I want to use this as my motivation, but shh, don't tell him.

So here is my first attempt with some pretty gosh-awful pictures. I can't wait to get a new Canon camera, but for now my underwater Olympus will have to do as even it is better than my grainy Nikon CoolPix. Oh, we are a techy household, just you wait. Rather, three of us are, and I just want what's simple - which never works with electronics (hence, my grainy Nikon CoolPix).

Here is my kitchen counter, decorated with things a friend helped me choose. Not necessarily my style, but I mentioned I love the cute little coffee and cafe personas, so she went with it.

Here is the before cluttering, with a goshawful picture as my camera was dying:

And here is the after with a slightly less goshawful picture that has the same tone as the first:

and, then, finally a much better picture where you can clearly see the decor:

Just for squeaks and giggles, here is what I WOULD like our kitchen counter to look like:

That decluttering project was yesterday... todays decluttering project, after agreeing on our agreed upon postings, was a treat for my hubby and his nightstand area. Yeah. Ew, gross.

Again, not decorated, but decluttered, and organized. Can't wait to start the decorating!

And this is what I would love our nightstands to look like:

Big dreams.

On another note, this is my first time using Wordpress in a loooooong time and damn, do I really have to upload each photo individually? My arms are killing me!

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